Whether you’re a new parent wanting to keep track of your child’s health, or your child has moved away and needs to register with a local GP, managing your child’s health can be an overwhelming task. Like Baby Buddy, the Evergreen Life app makes overseeing your family’s health a simpler task.

Our app allows you to give trusted access to your medical records. By ensuring loved ones have access to the right information at the right time, this can improve decision making, giving you and others more control over your health information.

The Cost of Your Child’s Health

A 2017 survey carried out by Evergreen Life revealed that managing a child’s health costs parents over £230 per year. This financial stress can be improved by using digital healthcare apps such as Evergreen Life.

Evergreen CEO, Stephen Critchlow: “Caring for a sick child needn’t be so much of a burden. Utilising technology, such as apps that monitor health in an ongoing way and apps which allow you to book appointments quickly and easily, will help to manage and minimise the impact on the day-to-day.”

Connected to all three major GP services and accredited by the NHS, the Evergreen Life app keeps people better involved when dealing with NHS health clinicians. It gives 55 million people access to their electronic medical records.

“The app also grants patients control over their health records so that they can update them when necessary. For parents with children with chronic health conditions, especially, this can be an essential tool for tracking and maintaining a correct record of their child’s health, to be shared with medical professionals.”

Features of the Evergreen Life App

With Evergreen Life, you can gain access to your medical records in the palm of your hands. Wherever you are, at any time, you can access your GP services online through the Evergreen Life app, which allows you to do the following:

  • Book GP appointments: We’ve all spent numerous wasted minutes on the phone with our GP surgery. Trying to get through to reception can be a task in itself! Don’t wait anymore – book your doctor’s appointment online with Evergreen Life

  • Order repeat prescriptions: It saves time – you don’t have to write out a slip of paper and get it to the practice. It’s accurate every time too –  your order automatically goes right into the GP system, so no mistakes from handwritten notes.

  • Personal Health Record: track your health with the app, including the ability to store stats on fitness, weight and blood pressure. You can also set medication reminders and self-manage your own health.

  • Trusted Access: you can share all your information stored in the app with your family and/or health professionals.

Take control of yours and your child’s health today and download the Evergreen Life App