Nasreldein Ibrahim is the proud father of two girls, a two-year-old and a three-month-old. We are so grateful to him for sharing his story of how Baby Buddy has been so integral to his parenting journey.  

"I have two wonderful girls, my eldest daughter is 2 years and 8 months old. My youngest daughter is 3 months old. 

The midwife recommended the Baby Buddy app to me and my partner. We used the old app with my eldest daughter, and I was happy to be using the new version, Baby Buddy 2.0 with my youngest. I like that I have all my daughters information in one place, and I enjoy reading the daily information. I use the app every day, and if I forget, I go back and catch up on the day I missed. I find the information really helpful, its useful that it updates as your baby develops. 

Prior to using Baby Buddy, I went to friends and family for advice and pregnancy related information, but since being introduced to the app, I have gained all my knowledge from Baby Buddy. I trust and believe the information and advice it offers. 

The best feature of the app is that it teaches you all about your baby, how to communicate with the baby and their development. This is important as you can build a better relationship with your baby. How I communicate with my youngest daughter is better than how I communicated with my eldest daughter when she was a baby – Baby Buddy taught me how to understand and interact better with my youngest baby and build a stronger family unit. 

I enjoyed watching the videos on the app, it was good to see other families. I looked at how they interacted with their babies, learning about their experiences and parenting journey. I found the videos really helpful. 

I have recommended Baby Buddy to my friends, I told them to download the app to help them on their parenting journey. I believe it will help them as it has helped me to understand all about pregnancy and baby information."