On 7th of February 2019, we had our New Year Baby Buddy Champions Luncheon that was attended by 8 champions from all over the country (Leeds, Darlington, Lewisham and Southampton).

It was an amazing opportunity to hear back from them in relation to how Baby Buddy is doing in each area but also how the early years service is doing in general. We all had the chance to discuss the ongoing changes (closures) of local children centres, and innovative models for peer support groups. We all in the room knew how rare these exchanges between areas and multidisciplinary teams are which made the day even more special!

It is not always easy to engage health care professionals considering how busy and stretched they are! Therefore, it is easy to assume they wouldn't be available for events such as these.  The key learning for me, but I think for the Ops team as a whole, is that we should ignore this assumption and always keep our doors and channels open for the champions!

We aim to host a lunch per quarter in order to keep strengthening the relationship and the communication with champions. It only makes sense since we are all working towards the same goal!