Best Beginnings Professional & Policy Lead Julie Watson discusses the Small Wonders DVD with Michael Matheson MSPOn Thursday 27th June, Member of Scottish Parliament for Public Health Michael Matheson opened the new National Donor Milk Bank based at the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow.

Maternal And Infant Nutrition Lead Linda Wolfson and Infant Feeding Lead Debbie Barnett were instrumental in setting up and coordinating this fabulous national resource. It will offer donor milk for neonatal units across Scotland, with all 14 Health Boards signed up.

Best Beginnings was invited to the launch as both Linda and Debbie are promoting Best Beginnings' Small Wonders DVD as an invaluable resource to support infants in receiving breastmilk.

Best Beginnings Professional & Policy Lead Julie Watson is working with all 3 managed clinical neonatal networks in Scotland to embed Small Wonders into practice.

Julie spoke with Mr Matheson MSP about the Small Wonders DVD and Best Beginnings. He was delighted to receive a copy of Small Wonders.

The event received a lot of press coverage. Mr Matheson MSP spoke about the public health benefits and the importance breastmilk.