During self-care week 2018, Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust (CCS) launched JustOneNorfolk.nhs.uk - the ‘go to’ online health website for Norfolk Families that was created in collaboration with Best Beginnings.

What is Just One Norfolk ?

Following the success of the Healthy Child Programme’s Just One Number, CCS secured funding from the EAHSN to create a knowledge hub that would support parents by providing interactive material, quizzes and games to encourage learning around self-care. The result is the outstanding JustOneNorfolk.nhs.uk website, which also promotes opportunities of peer support in the community and signposting to services.

Best Beginnings collaborated on the project, contributing our ante-natal content, creating healthy eating and safe exercise films, and inputting our Baby Buddy Online platform to make the knowledge hub an engaging and highly informative tool. Furthermore, the project enabled Best Beginnings to advance the self-care capabilities of the Baby Buddy app.


Self-care in Baby Buddy

Baby Buddy is designed to support parents and parents-to-be, not only to look after their baby, but also to look after themselves! After all, a healthy baby needs a healthy family. Best Beginnings set out to make self-care a focal point in the app, by re-organising the menu and advancing our goal setting feature, ‘You Can Do It!’. The new interface and functionality of the "You Can Do It!" was informed by the Michie et al. theory of Behaviour Change,  and put reflection at the heart of a user’s practice to achieve positive behaviour change before, during and after pregnancy.

With further support from the EAHSN, Best Beginnings was also able to integrate a Patient Activation Measure to Baby Buddy.

Try out the new You Can Do It! feature in Baby Buddy now! Download the free app in the App Store and Google Play.

Using the Patient Activation Measure to support self-care

In the image below you can some of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM) screens that Baby Buddy Users in Norfolk can access within the "You and Your Baby" Menu of the app.

When Baby Buddy users in Norfolk complete the Patient Activation Measure (PAM) questions within Baby Buddy they are sent a personalised report to support them to look after their wellbeing.