"I first heard about Best Beginnings when I happened to meet the CEO of Best Beginnings who is also a friend of the family. That evening, I got a taste of the work that Best Beginnings do to give children in the UK the best start in life. I wanted to know more. I believe there is strong potential in the application of digital technologies to improve healthcare and social outcomes. From my research, I was excited to find that Best Beginnings are embracing technology through their app Baby Buddy to empower parents so that they can make informed decisions that best suit their needs. I called the Best Beginnings team as I wanted to apply myself to a cause where I could make a genuine difference!"

-Harry Kelleher

"I chose to volunteer for Best Beginnings because it includes all my interests: childhood, social matters and volunteering. In fact this is not my first time I do volunteering. In Italy I usually volunteer with different associations that help homeless or families in need. In regards to working with children, I did 90 hours of internship in a nursery school last year. 

My personal aims by Best Beginnings volunteering are understand how can I help people with different problems, how the social communication works and if this kind of work could become my job in the future"

-Beatrice Ricci

"As a psychology student I chose Best Beginnings because in my opinion is the perfect place for me to get work experience and to learn what it really means to help people that struggle with mental illness in this case due to pregnancy.My aim by working with Best Beginnings is to understand how people in the UK deal with this kind of problems, what can organisation like Best Beginnings can do to help but most important what can I do to help families which are dealing with this problems in my country."

-Francesco Gismondi

Francesco, Beatrice and Harry at the Best Beginnings office