Best Beginnings are creating two new film resources to help parents through the emotional and physical transition to parenthood. We are looking for single mums and two parent families who would like to take part. We are also asking healthcare professionals to help us find families that would like to be involved.


Baby Buddy is a free mobile phone app for young parents and parents-to-be. The app will include lots of short films to support parents who are learning all about how to take care of themselves during pregnancy or after the birth of a baby. The films will tell the stories of Mum’s who are learning about parenthood, as they go to doctors appointments, antenatal classes, decide what sort of birth to have, and how to feed, bathe, understand and care for their baby. 


The films will also be about the mother’s health and wellbeing, and have information about what Mums can do to take care of themselves, and how to make sense of the many feelings and changes that come with having a baby.


The Maternal Mental Health Film Project  will be a set of short films to support parents who are experiencing mental health issues during pregnancy or after the birth of their baby. They will show how emotional wellbeing and resilience can be supported at this time, and highlight the help that is available for mums and for dads/family supporting mum.


Some of the films we make will help mums, dads and families understand more about mental health issues, recognise symptoms and know where to go for support. Others will be used to help train midwives, health visitors and other professionals who support families.


Can you help?


To make these films we need to find mums and dads who are willing to share their experiences on camera. 


For Baby Buddy we are looking for young mums aged 16 - 24, who are pregnant or have a baby up to 6 months old, and are willing to share their experiences on camera as they are learning and adjusting to parenthood.


For the Maternal Mental Health films we are looking for mums and dads age 16 or older who are willing to speak about their past experiences and their journey to recovery.


Learn more about how you can help or take part.


If you are interested and would like to know more, we are very keen to talk to you.  At this stage, it’s just a confidential chat – you are not committing yourself to being filmed.  Please contact Tim Dowse, by email to [email protected] or by phone on 07949 656 447,if you would feel more comfortable talking to a woman contact Anna Marriot, [email protected] or by phone 07525 422 308.  Tim and Anna will be very happy to call you back.  Many thanks.