Current Further Research data protection below 

The research

We are conducting research in conjunction with LGBT+ Mummies and the University of Huddersfield to learn more about the experiences of pregnancy, birth, and parenting a baby (up to a year old).  


If you agree to take part in a research interview, we want to reassure you that we will not be sharing your contact details with anyone beyond the research team. Only our researcher, Dr Mari Greenfield and project lead, Nicola Cadbury, will have access to your contact details. 

Contact details and interview recordings will be stored in a secure area on the Best Beginnings server. They will then be transcribed and anonymised to allow the research team to have access to them.  

Mari Greenfield will contact you to arrange a suitable time for a telephone interview. With your permission, the interview will be recorded. Once the interview has been transcribed (written up), the audio recording will be deleted.On completion of the research, the researcher will delete your contact details, unless you give your consent for us to keep you updated on our work. 

The survey 

If you participate in our online survey we will download your data from the survey platform and save it in the secure area of our server, which can only be accessed by the researcher and the project lead. Anonymised data will be made available to the research team.

If you change your mind about participating, there will be a window of a week after your interview, during which time you can contact us and withdraw your interview from the research. After a week, any data connecting your personal identity to the interview notes or transcription will be deleted, and the interview will become anonymous. From this stage it will not be possible to withdraw your data from the research.

If you have any concerns or queries about the research or any of the detail above, please contact Mari Greenfield at [email protected]