Current Further Research data protection below:
The survey
We are conducting this survey in conjunction with Home-Start, The Parent Infant Partnership, and The Maternal Mental Health Alliance to learn more about the experiences of pregnancy and parenting a baby or young child during Covid-19. This will help us and other charities know how we can support you better during these uncertain times.
The survey is anonymous. We shall not be collecting any data that could identify you and we shall not have access to your IP address.
Telephone interviews
If you agree to take part in a telephone interview, we want to reassure you that we will not be sharing your contact details with anyone beyond the research team from UCL (University College London), the university which is helping us with the research. 

We shall use a safe (encrypted) method to send them your contact details. They will then store them in their secure data safe haven, where only the immediate research team will have access to them. 
A researcher from UCL will contact you to arrange a suitable time for a telephone interview. With your permission, the telephone interview will be recorded. Once the interview has been transcribed (written up), the audio recording will be deleted. If you would rather not be audio recorded, then the researcher can take notes. 

On completion of the interview, the researchers will delete your contact details from their mobile devices.

If you change your mind about participating, there will be a window of a week after your interview, during which time you can contact us and withdraw your interview from the research. After a week, any data connecting your personal identity to the interview notes or transcription will be deleted, and the interview will become anonymous. From this stage it will not be possible to withdraw your data from the research.

If you have any concerns or queries about the research or any of the detail above, please contact Alex at [email protected] 

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