Strep B Awareness month is here

Strep B awareness month, spearheaded by the charity Group B Strep Support is upon us. Around around 2-4 in every 10 women in the UK carry Group Strep B bacteria in their vagina and most of the time it does not cause any harm. However, there is a chance that it can be passed to babies during labour and cause an infection.

Strep B infections in babies

Strep B infections usually develop on the day of birth. To combat the Strep B bacteria, babies are usually given antibiotics and are looked after in a Special Care Baby Unit or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Most babies who are treated quickly for Strep B infections will get better. 

What happens if a mum carries Strep B bacteria?

If a mum is known to carry Strep B bacteria they will should be offered antibiotics during labour to reduce the chance of the baby getting a Strep B infection. 

Want to know more about Strep B?

You can download our multi-award winning, free app Baby Buddy to find out more about Strep B. It has been endorsed by many royal colleges and it's packed full of information to guide you through pregnancy, birth and the first year of your baby's life. With daily, personalised notifications, over 300 videos, birth planning tools and a digital personal child health record to record growth, vaccinations, appointments and other milestones. 

You can also find out more about Strep B by visiting Group B Strep Support and searching #GBSAM2022 on social media to join the conversation.