NPTMN Newsletter Autumn 2023

  • Supporting young mothers whose babies are involved with social care
  • Digidad – resources for young dads and professionals
  • Research: Antenatal care and teenage pregnancy outcomes
  • Digital Healthy Start

NTPMN Newsletter Spring 2023

  • New videos in Baby Buddy phone app – breastfeeding, domestic abuse and choice in maternity care
  • Research: Adverse childhood experiences and teenage pregnancy
  • Resources for young dads
  • Free online relationships course: Me, You and Baby Too
  • Quit smoking animation

NTPMN Newsletter Spring 2022

  • Talking about safer sleep with young parents
  • Research: What teenagers value about antenatal care
  • Research: Teenage mothers on the postnatal ward and breastfeeding

NTPMN Newsletter Spring 2021

  • Getting Maternity Services Right for Young Parents
  • Trauma-informed care in the perinatal period
  • Research: Supporting pregnant teenagers to eat healthily
  • Research: Young mothers’ emotional connection to their baby begins in pregnancy
  • Free online training in Healthy Conversation Skills

NTPMN Newsletter Spring 2020

  • You and Your Partner – free relationship support resources
  • Providing contraception in maternity services during the pandemic
  • Digital maternity exemption certificates
  • The New Mum Star (FNP tool)
  • Research: Teenage pregnancy as a traumatic event

NTPMN Newsletter Autumn 2019

  • Smoking in pregnancy – statistics
  • Smoking in pregnancy – carbon monoxide monitors
  • Smoking in pregnancy – incentives to quit
  • Resources on smokefree pregnancy
  • Behaviour change theory: the COM-B Model
  • Research – pregnant young women, healthy eating and exercise
  • Resources – new website for parent and child foster care

NTPMN Newsletter Spring 2019

  • Key statistics from updated Public Health England guidance
  • Research – Young mothers and mental health
  • Local Government Association guidance featuring Brighton TPM

NTPMN Newsletter Autumn 2018

  • New films on exercise and eating well in Baby Buddy app
  • Research – Young mothers and the struggle to adapt to a new identity
  • Family Nurse Partnership programme testing changes
  • Specialist website for young parents whose children are in need or at risk
  • Films for young mums from Fixers

NTPMN Newsletter Spring 2018

  • Group Family Nurse Partnership trial results
  • Research – safe sleeping messages and young mums’ decisions
  • Practice example: Barking, Havering & Redbridge specialist teenage pregnancy midwife
  • Auditing the work of a teenage pregnancy midwife
  • New films in Baby Buddy app
  • Useful websites for young parents

NTPMN Newsletter Autumn 2017

  • Young parents under 25
  • New Baby Buddy films on maternity rights at work
  • Research requests: Eating and physical activity; postnatal care
  • Young parents who are looked after children or care leavers
  • Teenage pregnancy in Sierra Leone

NTPMN Newsletter Summer 2017

  • Pregnant teenagers and smoking: getting the words right
  • Research: Dedicated antenatal services for teenagers improve outcomes
  • Young mothers’ views of support services
  • Video resources:
  • Resources & courses

NTPMN Newsletter Spring 2017

  • Latest teenage pregnancy figures
  • New baby communication and mental health films
  • Pregnant teenagers’ understanding of depression and use of mental health services
  • Young mums together: running services for young parents
  • Research: outcomes for very young mothers; BMI and outcomes for teenagers
  • Practice example: Young parents’ antenatal clinic and classes in Thetford
  • Global Big Latch On 4-5 August
  • New stop smoking incentives study in Southampton

NTPMN Newsletter Autumn 2016

  • Our Chance safer pregnancy campaign
  • Research: baby simulators, and relationships with health professionals
  • Practice example: caseloading midwifery at Basildon & Thurrock
  • Advice from midwives on caseloading
  • Interim feedback from the North of England Breastfeeding Study
  • Bubbalicious website is now Little Lullaby

NTPMN Newsletter Summer 2016

  • A framework for supporting teenage mothers and young fathers
  • Young mothers’ voices from North West England
  • Research: Beyond PND…teenage pregnancy and mental health
  • Working with young dads to prevent domestic abuse, Hampshire

NTPMN Newsletter Spring 2016

  • Teenage conceptions halved since 1998
  • Smoking: talking about smoking; shared key messages, new stop smoking app
  • National Maternity Review highlights young parents’ needs
  • Our Chance and Heads Together campaigns
  • Research: preventing repeat unplanned pregnancies
  • Baby boxes for young mothers
  • Becoming Dad – new film for young fathers

NTPMN Newsletter Summer 2015

  • Getting maternity services right for pregnant teenagers and young fathers: new edition
  • New films added to Baby Buddy phone app
  • Antenatal education pain relief ideas from the NCT Young Parents’ Toolkit
  • New project on young parents whose babies are involved with Children’s Services

NTPMN Newsletter Autumn 2015

  • Results from the Family Nurse Partnership trial
  • Including young fathers
  • Research: body image, psycho-social support
  • Designing a mental health poster for pregnant teenagers
  • NCT antenatal education resource on hopes and fears for birth

NTPMN Newsletter Spring 2015

  • Baby Buddy phone app is helping young mothers
  • Research: mother- infant relationship; truancy and teenage motherhood
  • Gillick competency and maternity care
  • Safer Sleep peer ambassadors from the Lullaby Trust
  • Teenage Pregnancy Midwife job descriptions

NTPMN Newsletter Autumn 2014

  • Fall in teenage birth rates
  • International comparisons
  • Baby Buddy phone app launched with new website
  • Research: teenage pregnancy and social disadvantage
  • Making antenatal education work for teenagers
  • New pelvic floor leaflet for teenagers

NTPMN Newsletter Summer 2014

  • Phone app Baby Buddy is here
  • FNP and midwifery – working together
  • Research: Partner support can improve teenage birth outcomes
  • Durham and Darlington care pathway
  • Using teenage BMI percentile charts at booking
  • Resources for antenatal education

NTPMN Newsletter Spring 2014

  • New tools to track teenage pregnancy rates
  • Young parents needed to test Baby Buddy – the new pregnancy and parenting app
  • Young Woman’s Guide to Pregnancy – free new edition available
  • Research: maternity care is a protective factor for pregnant teenagers’ health
  • Baby Milk Challenge: Changing secondary school students’ attitudes to breastfeeding
  • Practice example from Barnsley: maternity services at a college
  • Liverpool antenatal care pathway for young women
  • Resources: Feeding Together, a new breastfeeding app

NTPMN Newsletter Winter 2013

  • Birth registration in children’s centres
  • Your ideas – caseloading pros/cons; right age for consultant led care?
  • Research: Maternal - fetal attachment; impact of abuse
  • Working with school age teenagers in Doncaster
  • Liverpool postnatal telephone consultation at 6 weeks post-delivery
  • Latest news from Best Beginnings – including news today of funding from the Big Lottery for the “Baby Buddy” app for young mothers
  • Teenage pregnancy research update from Tommy’s the baby charity

NTPMN Newsletter Summer 2013

The latest newsletter is a special edition focusing on what pregnant teenagers eat, what we can do to support them to make healthier choices and why it matters. 

  • What do pregnant teenagers eat?
  • What’s the impact of a poor pregnancy diet?
  • What do teenagers say about their food choices?
  • Obesity and teenage pregnancy
  • What difference does Healthy Start make?
  • Tips for talking to pregnant teenagers about food
  • Food resources for midwives to use or share

NTPMN Newsletter Spring 2013

  • New figures on teenage breastfeeding, smoking, vitamins and weaning
  • Phone apps for pregnant teenagers coming summer 2013
  • Research: influence of dads on pregnancy outcome; impact of smoking
  • Breastfeeding films for teenagers
  • Quit smoking website for pregnant teenagers
  • Conference 4th July 2013

NTPMN Newsletter Autumn 2012

  • Domestic violence definition extended to teenagers
  • Nottingham criteria for referral & sexual health pathway
  • Can you help Best Beginnings, bubbalicious and the Fatherhood Institute?   
  • Signposting to social media
  • New resources

NTPMN Newsletter Summer 2012

  • Protecting young parents’ maternity services in the new commissioning era
  • Ideas for antenatal classes
  • Young parents’ videos to get discussion going
  • New DVD for parents of premature babies
  • Research: encouraging teenagers to breastfeed

NTPMN Newsletter Spring 2012

  • Policy news: School leaving age going up
  • Research – The importance of antenatal care in reducing teenagers’ preterm births
  • Research –childhood abuse and teenage pregnancy
  • Research – substance use and teenage pregnancy
  • Game for antenatal classes
  • Video clips for antenatal classes

NTPMN Newsletter Autumn 2011

  • Preparation for Birth and Beyond: New handbook for running antenatal groups
  • Tips for effective maternity care for young parents
  • Research –  second teenage pregnancies; HIV
  • Resources – video clips and websites for antenatal preparation
  • Latest figures on teenage smoking in pregnancy and breastfeeding 
  • Working with grandparents 
  • Tips for raising sensitive issues 
  • Film clips for antenatal classes 

NTPMN Newsletter Spring 2011

  • Teenage mothers and the risk of premature birth
  • A new approach to antenatal education
  • NICE guide to resources for working with pregnant teenagers and young fathers

NTPMN Newsletter Autumn 2010

  • Free online game to help new parents understand their baby
  • New quit smoking resources
  • Practice example: Brighton

NTPMN Newsletter Summer 2010

  • Pregnant teenagers and smoking

NTPMN Newsletter Spring 2010

  • Teenage pregnancy strategy: beyond 2010
  • Big up the Mamas: A research report
  • Good practice: Antenatal education ideas

NTPMN Newsletter Autumn 2009  

  • Working with young fathers
  • Teenagers and domestic abuse
  • Good practice: Queen Mary Maternity Unit, West Middlesex

NTPMN Newsletter Summer 2009  

  •  Perinatal and infant death

  • Including young fathers in antenatal preparation
  • Teenage parents at greater risk of heart disease in later life
  • Poor diet in pregnant teenagers affects birth outcomes

NTPMN Newsletter Autumn 2008  

  • Family Nurse Partnership: early findings
  • Midwife-led care increases breastfeeding and other positive outcomes
  • Free online training on adolescent health