This project is so exciting and empowering. I feel like I am definitely making a difference, and after reading the Marmot Review Report, I feel like this work is at the heart of Best Beginnings. The values aline with my own as a mother.

The project is in two sites; Birmingham and Newham. I am so privileged to be part of the Newham site as I am a resident of Newham and a mum to three lovely kids. It gives me the opportunity to help the seldom heard community through the outreach work I do on the ground. Since starting in June, I have reached so many parents through my work offering them the gift of the Baby Buddy app.

It has great to have been able to make so many connections with passionate people who have the same beliefs and aims as Best Beginnings so quickly. The children centre managers took the time to meet with us despite capacity issues and some agreed immediately to work in collaboration with us.

I began shifting our approach based on what is needed by each person or organisation. One example of this, is that I will speak Bengali, Urdu or English, depending on who I am talking to. I also download the app whilst I'm with the parents and show them the features I think will be the most useful to them.

If you don’t succeed, try, try again!

It took three visits or more to some of the children’s centres to get a response about meeting. This is due to how busy children’s centres are, but this was really frustrating for me. However, as I already know through my previous work; they don’t mean to ignore you they are just too busy! 

Feedback from Parents

“The app is so easy to navigate and set up, I am at peace knowing it was created with the 6 Royal Colleges which means the information and something that isn’t just made up.” 

“It’s great that dads can download it and get all the information but would be great if there was a male avatar.” 

“The maternal mental health video is brilliant, I found that it wasn’t too long and I can watch it with ease.  I feel now that I know about mental ill health and  more informed should I need to seek for help I can look out for the signs and get the help if required.  Thank you baby buddy!”

 “I feel down some times due to the sickness and pregnancy related issues.  But i’m glad there is videos offering tips for when your feeling low.”

I am so proud to be an ambassador for Baby Buddy. I feel I am definitely giving something back to the community whether it be via the Baby Buddy app, knowledge, or a listening ear. We have been taking part in training to deepen our practice through the Baby Buddy app, and I am excited to see how the parents and health professionals flourish through this journey.