Newborn Baby Buddy Cyprus rapid gains popularity in period of social isolation

In spite of cancelling the planned launch (today), Baby Buddy Cyprus webapp is rapidly gaining momentum as parents look to virtual support.

Whereas Baby Buddy app UK sends you your personal daily updates, Baby Buddy Cyprus webapp sends parents weekly updates. Nonetheless it's a lifeline. As Veronika Christodoulides from @birthforward (our NGO partner in Cyprus leading the Baby Buddy project there) says, "It’s really important since we had over 100 people registering over the last 10 days [ahead of the launch], now all of them condemned to stay home."

The Baby Buddy Cyprus is a product of three years of work by the Baby Buddy Forward partnership which has translated the content into 4 languages, aside from English: Greek, Russian, Turkish and Arabic.

Visit Baby Buddy Cyprus here

Find out about the Baby Buddy Forward partnership and how it has taken Baby Buddy Global here

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