-7th Annual Digital Leaders 100 list highlights the latest champions of digital transformation across the UK-

The 7th Digital Leaders 100 list was announced last night and Best Beginnings is one of the Digital Leaders DL100 finalists! The list has been shortlisted from 600+ down to an amazing 100, reflecting the fantastic digital transformation work taking place across the UK.

The public can now vote for their favourites across a range of award categories to put the list into a final order. All 12 UK regions are represented in this year’s list, reflecting the national reach of the Digital Leaders Community.

We encourage our supporters to vote for us as their no1 #DigitalCharity! We would be so grateful ūüíô Voting is open until 10th of May.

The DL100 Finalists and Voting can be accessed at


Digital Leaders is a global initiative that has created a shared professional space for senior leadership from different sectors promoting effective, long-term digital transformation. Our community of 120,000 senior leaders are involved in leveraging technology to promote economic growth, increase social well-being and narrow social gaps.

The Digital Leaders 100 (DL100) list recognises 100 people and organisations across the UK who are leading the way in digital transformation in all sectors. Previously, the list has featured industry names such as: Martha Lane-Fox, Mike Bracken and Eileen Burbidge.

The two individual categories, Digital Leader and Young Digital Leader, have 20 names from five UK regions including Scotland and Northern Ireland. Those tracking diversity will be pleased to know our 21 judges chose a well balanced list with 11 women and 9 men of whom five are from BAME communities.

The remaining 80 places in the list are taken up by organisations. Over 500 public sector bodies, SMEs and charities were considered by judges for these 80 places and it is a credit to them all that they have been selected. They represent all 12 UK regions with the largest number outside of London and the South East being from Scotland, Yorkshire and the North West. #notjustLondon

Russell Haworth, Chair of Digital Leaders, said:

"The Digital Leaders 100 list 2019 once again highlights the progress in digitally transforming the UK. Our community of Digital Leaders have shone a light on the many hidden heroes, quietly getting on with the nation’s digital transformation. It is fabulous to see such a strong list from outside London this year reflecting our own inclusive national programme and the growing importance of digital transformation on companies irrespective of size or sector."

Robin Knowles, CEO of Digital Leaders, commented:

"Our 7th Digital Leaders 100 published today reflects much of the fantastic work going on across the UK’s sectors. It’s a celebration of those leading change, but who are not perhaps household names yet.”

We are incredibly honoured to be a part of the DL100 finalists group and encourage our supporters to vote for us and spread the word so we can continue supporting parents and soon-to-be parents in the UK with our digital innovation, pregnancy and parenting app, Baby Buddy.