We are delighted to announce that Healthcare professionals in Hounslow are now Baby Buddy Professional Champions! Best Beginnings’ Baby Buddy App is now a part of the healthcare pathway in Hounslow and health professionals use the app to support their patients  in order to improve communication, confidence and self-efficacy of parents and soon-to-be parents which ultimately serves to improve maternity experience and health outcomes for both parents and their children.

Carly, our Head of Operations, Patricia, xx, and Hazel, our Consultant Facilitator

The Embedding process of Professional Baby Buddy Champions is a tailored a 6 week programme to use Baby Buddy to address local concerns. Baby Buddy will now effectively used to enhance the maternity experience and improve outcomes in Hounslow.

Hazel, our Consultant Facilitator

To mark the launch and to see the app in action, health care professionals, representatives from Hounslow Council, Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group and parents took part in the event at Alf King Children's Centre, 7 Hanworth Road, Feltham on 21st February.

Pritika and Julia

Julia, midwife and a supporter of Baby Buddy from the start, shared her experience of using Baby Buddy as part of her work:

I think using Baby Buddy App makes my job slightly easier because when I am describing breast feeding for example, having the visual videos reinforces the messages


Cecilia from Family Nurse Partnership, shared her thoughts about Baby Buddy and how her clients have been using the app:

Clients tell us that they have heard about the app from their midwives, so we know that cross referring is successful and helps reinforce key messages.

Our clients love the avatars! One client felt reassured after noticing a bit of bleeding and was concerned about foetal movement, so she referenced the app for help.

Best Beginnings are pleased to have teamed up with Hounslow Council and Hounslow CCG so we can further progress our work together to create the best start for each child in the UK!