#BesideYou, Breastfeeding in Medway Website Launches 

Medway has very low rates of breastfeeding compared to the rest of the UK. Because of this, Medway Council and Best Beginnings have developed the campaign #BesideYou.

The #BesideYou campaign, aimed at normalising breastfeeding in Medway, launched this weekend. The #BesideYou website, which went live on Thursday morning, is packed full of information on breastfeeding in Medway. There is a timetable of local breastfeeding groups, a map of local mums’ recommendations, films from Best Beginnings’ ‘From Bump to Breastfeeding’ series and newly produced films about breastfeeding in Medway. The #BesideYou website also gives mothers an opportunity to download the Best Beginnings Baby Buddy app which has ample information and resources about breastfeeding to mothers.  

The first film released on #BesideYou’s Facebook page has been viewed over 375,000 times in just one month!

#BesideYou - "What's it REALLY like..." from Beside You Medway on Vimeo.

The #BesideYou Launch Party

The #BesideYou launch party was attended by parents and babies, health professionals, commissioners and community members. Children’s TV doctor and Best Beginnings’ ambassador, Dr Ranj, is from Medway and co-hosted the #BesideYou launch party to show mums he supports them breastfeeding in Medway.

Dr Ranj, #BesideYou, Breastfeeding in Medway

The #BesideYou Breastfeeding Drop-In

The party was followed by a three day breastfeeding drop in. The #BesideYou team and local breastfeeding experts were joined by mums, mums-to-be and families for afternoon tea. Attendees explored the new website and resources, found local support services, shared their experiences and received advice.

#BesideYou, breastfeeding in Medway, afternoon tea, Baby Buddy, Best Beginnings

For more information on the #BesideYou campaign, please visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.