Pregnancy and parenting are milestones in our lives. Not small and simple milestones, but it’s a significant milestones. But do we really stop to think what aspects of this period affects our mental and emotional well being? We watch movies, read articles and talk to people around us that paints a picture of how we are supposed to think and feel and most of the time, that picture is a sleeping baby with a very happy and content Mum and Dad.

Have we ever really stopped to think how each step in bringing a baby into this world and looking after him or her affects our lives in a practical way?

Given below is a list of interesting articles that look at a range of experiences in maternity and how it affects our mental and emotional well being.

  • Breastfeeding

Beside you, a breastfeeding initiative in Medway, talks about how breastfeeding is related to positive mental health and wellbeing. You can read the article here.

  • Pregnancy

Being pregnant when you are suffering from a mental illness is not a topic that is discussed by many communities. This article by BBC outlines what it is like to be suffering from a mental illness during pregnancy.

  • Labour

The hidden pain of giving birth is articulated beautifully in this article in the Guardian.

  • Maternity Leave

An aspect of pregnancy that most of us overlook because it seems so simple and straightforward is maternity leave and its emotional impact. But this article will make you think about in more detail.

  • Miscarriage

Not everything in pregnancy goes to plan and the consequences of such unexpected changes can impact us to a large extent. Read how miscarriage affects your mental health here.

  • Postnatal depression in new parents.

The change that comes with a new baby affects us different. Read about Postpartum depression which can affect mothers and fathers both.

The more information we have, the more prepared we can get to face all the challenges that are thrown our way. As parents, or parents to be, we need to be pragmatic and motivated to give our children the best start in life while also taking care of our health and well -being. Our Baby Buddy App which can be downloaded from the  Apple Store or Google Play has videos and resources that you can watch and learn from, or you can read about our Out of the Blue campaign to learn about more maternal mental health.