Did you know that fetal movements can be felt as early as 18 weeks of pregnancy?

Pregnancy support charity Tommy’s has launched their #MovementsMatter campaign that highlights the dangers of reduced fetal movement and the risks of not reporting it to a midwife right away.

Best Beginnings, as a charity dedicated to improving healthcare for pregnant women across the UK and as a leading partner in the Our Chance campaign, are proud to support this great initiative to raise awareness and combat challenging stigmas facing pregnant women today.

In one of the films created for the Our Chance campaign, mum Maxine talks about her experiences of reduced fetal movement and why trusting your instincts and talking to your midwife is the best thing you can do:

As leaders of the Our Chance campaign, Best Beginnings and Sands have been blessed with the opportunity to hear many heartfelt, emotional stories from mums across the country regarding their own struggles with stillbirth.

Charlotte Dyson is one such young mum who experienced the tragic loss of her baby boy. The work being done by Our Chance and Tommy's #MovementsMatter campaign is helping to promote safer, more informed pregnancies for parents across the UK. You can read her story here to find out more about her journey: http://ourchance.org.uk/story/worse-day-0f-life-chalottes-story/

More information about the campaign by Tommy's can be found on their website here. Take to Twitter using the hashtag #MovementsMatter and show your support!