On the 3rd of November 2016, Best Beginnings had the privilege of being a part of the event organised by the Kings Fund which was focused on discussing the National Maternity Review and the future of Maternity care in the United Kingdom.

We had the privilege of meeting key figures in the maternity care sector in the UK and engage in highly innovative and stimulating conversations on change around maternal health to bring positive outcomes in the future. Some of the sessions we attended revolved around an overview of the National Maternity Review which gave everyone a national vision to strive for in terms of resource allocation and services, innovative use of patient feedback to improve services and improving choice and making services more personalised.

The session that resonated with us the most covered the use of digital technology to improve services which was much related to the work we do with our Baby Buddy App. There were discussions around using electronic notes system for maternity care and opportunities in giving women access to a comprehensive digital tools that offers them information they need throughout pregnancy.

The closing plenary was the highlight of the day for us, as Alison Baum, the CEO of Best Beginnings was part of a panel discussion alongside several key figures in Maternity care like Elizabeth Duff, Birte Harlev-Lam, Madeleine Percival, Dr.David Richmond, Professor Soo Downe and Heidi Eldridge. Alison shared the heart behind Best Beginnings, the impact of our Baby Buddy App and our current work around safer pregnancies with the Our Chance Campaign.

You can find more information about the Our Chance Campaign by visiting their website or by downloading the Baby Buddy App which is a fun filled resource for parents, parents to be and health professionals.