Taking part this year in the Virgin Sport British 10K was X Factor finalist and Best Beginnings ambassador, Shereece Foster. Shereece prominently featured in the BBC documentary Mind over Marathon and has openly shared stories about her emotional and psychological challenges upon becoming a mum through free, award-winning Baby Buddy app and Out of the Blue mental health film series.

As a member of Team Heads Together and Best Beginnings, Shereece was sadly forced to withdraw from the 2017 London Marathon due to a bad knee injury. This was a very difficult time for her, as she had dedicated huge amounts of time and effort to preparing herself physically and mentally for the huge challenge.

"I believe in this charity so much – I just had to be here!"

Now recovered from injury, Shereece felt passionate about rising to the challenge and putting the disappointment of the Marathon behind her by taking part in the British 10K. By her side was her partner Chavez, willing her on when body and mind were fighting back.

How Shereece Became Part of the Best Beginnings Family

"I had a challenging time when I first became a mum. I lost confidence and hated feeling that way..."I don’t want other mums to go through what I went through so I shared my story in the brilliant free Baby Buddy app created by the wonderful charity Best Beginnings. Best Beginnings are making sure that all parents are supported and reassured."

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Shereece and the team’s fundraising total is over £700 and climbing. If you would like to support Shereece's efforts and her passion for Best Beginnings’ work, please click here

Looking To Challenge Yourself?

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