Are you ready to #shoutieselfie?

A few months ago we met Emily, founder of MummyLinks. Her aim is to help mums to beat loneliness as she was unfortunately enough to struggle with Post-Natal Depression after the birth of her son. We now know that loneliness can be a precursor to various maternal mental health illnesses, so what she is doing is of great interest to us at Best Beginnings.

In a few weeks time it will be the second Maternal Mental Health Awareness week, and as she did last year, Emily will be launching her #ShoutieSelfie campaign. It’s to raise awareness of PND and other maternal mental health issues, and to reduce that stigma that still surrounds it. It’s such a shame that there is still such a stigma, as statistics now suggest that 1 in 3 mums struggle with their mental health after birth, and 1 in 4 during pregnancy.

We come across many mums who struggle with mental health issues – Post Natal Depression, Anxiety, OCD, PTSD. So we are proud to be supporting Emily in her upcoming campaign.

Starting on 30th April we will shout about PND! We will be posting our #shoutieselfie supporting mums with PND. We would absolutely love you to join us in supporting her! You can either email [email protected] for more info prior to 30th April, or follow @MummyLinksApp on Twitter and Instragram and follow suit when it all kicks off!

The campaign was a huge success last year – getting maternal mental health trending within half an hour, and one million impressions in the first few days. So we are super keen to support #ShoutieSelfie and make it even bigger this year!