On Thursday, Stephen Bell, interim COO of Best Beginnings, attended the official launch of the philanthropic restaurant reservation platform ChariTable Bookings.

The launch was held at the prestigious venue of the Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane London. Lord Fink and David Johnstone opened the launch by giving a presentation on what ChariTable Bookings is and what it hopes to achieve for charities, restaurants and diners.

What is ChariTable Bookings?

ChariTable Bookings as a company has a social purpose, that aims to change the way individuals and corporates book restaurants forever. This new initiative, which is available on multiple platforms, allows users to give back to charity at absolutely no cost to themselves. They can choose from over 4500 restaurants through the app and website, and for every diner in the party the restaurant will give £1 each to the nominated charity chosen (there are over 7500 to choose from).

One of the charities that are available on the app to choose from is Best Beginnings.

Alison Baum, the CEO of Best Beginnings, was part of David Johnstone’s presentation to support this innovative and new approach to raising much needed unrestricted funds for charities. Not only is there no cost to the diner, but there is increased business for restaurant owners and its a great way for corporates to augment their CSR strategies.

Companies like Sainsbury’s have already committed to using the app. It’s a real win win win approach to dining and donating.

The event was well attended by over 700 people from charities, restaurateur’s corporates and the press, ChariTable also made a special announcement by saying that they would be increasing the donation for each diner from £1 to £1.50 during the month as a launch promotion.

Stephen told us that he has introduced himself to Lord Fink congratulating him on the successful launch and wishing him a happy birthday. The Lord had very kindly offered him a lift to the House of Lords as they were both headed to the Best Beginnings Dinner and Launch of its SpringBoard programme. Stephen says it was a real pleasure to share the journey with the Lord especially as it was such a hot day and riding in his air conditioned chauffeur driven car was much preferable to riding the tube.

It’s not every day you get a lift from a Lord.

So let’s make it a BookTober and get your families or firms Christmas party to give more than just merriment but significant donations to charitable causes, and we would love you to choose Best Beginnings. You can download the ChariTable Bookings App for FREE from the Apple Store or visit their website to make bookings. 

"Giving back for free has never tasted so good”