We are delighted to announce that True Royalty TV (the Netflix for Royal fans) has chosen to announce their support for Best Beginnings today - on World Mental Health Day.

The platform will showcase a series of Best Beginnings mental health films and True Royalty TV is appealing to its Royal fans to support us.  Our primary portal is our multi-award winning app, Baby Buddy. Baby Buddy provides parents with trusted, free daily information and support. Baby Buddy is empowering parents to look after their own and their baby's health and well-being. The first 1000 days of a child's life lays the foundation for their future life chances. The support from Royal fans will help us to continue to maintain, develop and promote Baby Buddy for the benefit of all families, regardless of background or income.

True Royalty TV says, "On True Royalty Magazine we wanted to celebrate and highlight a charity that is making a huge impact with mental health by supporting and empowering  parents with the tools to build their parenting knowledge and confidence . Their work has caught international attention as a powerful and cost effective way to improve well-being"

Alison Baum, OBE is CEO and Founder of Best Beginning. She and her team are passionate about providing all parents of all backgrounds access to information and support during the life-changing experience of having a child and by reaching more families, we are ensuring more children in the UK have the best start in life.

               "We are enormously grateful to True Royalty TV for choosing to support Best Beginnings and for actively encouraging their community of royal fans to do the same. Confident and supported parenting in the early months and years is key to improving the life chances of children from all backgrounds. Together we can increase Best Beginnings reach and impact and make a difference for future generations.” (Alison Baum, OBE)

Click here to be one of the growing number of True Royalty subscribers actively supporting Best Beginnings.

To access the app (UK based) or webapp (available worldwide) visit here