You can watch all the videos that are in the Baby Buddy app online - simply visit the web version of Baby Buddy.

There are over 100 videos which take you through different stages of pregnancy, birth, caring for a new baby, and becoming a parent.  

Young mums talk about using our Baby Buddy app:

Topics covered in Baby Buddy videos include:

  • Your growing baby in the womb
  • How you feel in pregnancy and as a new mum
  • Exercise in pregnancy and after birth including looking after your pelvic floor
  • Your health in pregnancy and as a new mum
  • Preparing for birth and your birth choices
  • Your baby's health including common complaints and illnesses
  • Getting to know your baby and what you can do to help brain development
  • Good positioning for breastfeeding
  • Introducing you baby to solid food

Baby Buddy is endorsed by the Department of Health and: