How to access Baby Buddy

You can access Baby Buddy on your browser through the web version of Baby Buddy. The web version has access to 4 key features: Today's Information, Ask Me, What Does That Mean?, and Videos.

For full access to all of the features and to create an account which will ensure that your information is timely and personalised, you can download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

What Baby Buddy users have to say

What's covered in Baby Buddy?

  • Your growing baby in the womb
  • How you feel in pregnancy and as a new mum
  • Exercise in pregnancy and after birth including looking after your pelvic floor
  • Your health in pregnancy and as a new mum
  • Preparing for birth and your birth choices
  • Your baby's health including common complaints and illnesses
  • Getting to know your baby and what you can do to help brain development
  • Good positioning for breastfeeding
  • Introducing you baby to solid food
  • Maternal and Infant mental health

Baby Buddy is endorsed by the Department of Health and: