Medway has very low rates of breastfeeding compared to the rest of the UK. Because of this, Medway Council and Best Beginnings developed the campaign #BesideYou.

The #BesideYou campaign, aimed at normalising breastfeeding in Medway by raising awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding and reducing the stigma associated with the feeling of being judged for breastfeeding in public. The #BesideYou website was created as a digital hub with breastfeeding information,  a timetable of local breastfeeding groups, a map of local mums’ recommendations, video clips from Best Beginnings’ ‘From Bump to Breastfeeding’ series and newly produced clips about breastfeeding in Medway. The #BesideYou linked mothers to Google Play and the App Store to download the Best Beginnings Baby Buddy app for breastfeeding information and support.

The first video released to launch #BesideYou’s Facebook page was been viewed over 375,000 times in under a month.

#BesideYou - "What's it REALLY like..." from Beside You Medway on Vimeo.