OUR CHANCE to make a difference

In 2016 Best Beginnings, together with SANDS, launched the Our Chance safer pregnancy campaign, supported by the Department of Health and NHS England.

Our Chance was design to show parents the role parents they can play, in partnership with healthcare professionals, in maximising their chances of healthy pregnancies and births.

25 short videos were produces to shine a spotlight on a series of important pregnancy, birth and early parenting issues that can impact health outcomes for parents and babies.

The videos were designed to engage, inform and equip families with facts rather than myths.

"We are delighted to be jointly leading this ground-breaking project, which is the culmination of many years of work with the Department of Health. We're particularly excited about reaching younger people, to help them have safer pregnancy whether they are planning on having a family now or in the future.” Clea Harmer, CEO of Sands

The UK has among the worst rates of maternal death in the developed world. The stillbirth rate in England and Wales is 4.5 per 1000 births. This means that approximately 1 in 200 pregnancies will result in the death of the baby before or during labour (after 24 weeks gestation). Additionally, around 1 in 400 babies (neonates) die before 28 days.

Our Chance aimed to engage parents, particularly in higher risk groups, and empower them with the knowledge and confidence they need to have healthier pregnancies.

What are the films about?

The short films feature young mothers and healthcare professionals sharing their stories and experiences including:

  • The importance of antenatal appointments
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Pre-eclampsia, and ICP (Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy)
  • The importance of seeking help if you notice reduced fetal movement or bleeding in pregnancy
  • The importance of not smoking and drinking
  • The importance of maternal mental health and what to expect after the birth

The Our Chance videos were developed in collaboration with stakeholders and parents. They were subject to Best Beginnings rigorous approval process by RCOG, RCM, RCPCH, RCSLT, the Faculty of Public Health and the Department of Health, NHS England and PHE.

Our Chance videos

  1. Antenatal visits - what’s the point?
  2. Antenatal visits - what can I do?
  3. Diabetes in pregnancy - what’s my risk?
  4. Is my baby growing?
  5. What should I be eating?
  6. Tips for staying active
  7. Can I drink?
  8. Why I cut out alcohol
  9. Can I smoke? The facts
  10. How I stopped smoking
  11. Taking street drugs - the facts
  12. Immunisations - how to protect me and my baby
  13. How can I avoid infection?
  14. Is my baby moving enough?
  15. When my baby stopped moving - a mum’s story
  16. Vaginal bleeding or discharge - the facts
  17. Itching - what does it mean?
  18. Pre-eclampsia - the facts
  19. New mum? What can go wrong? 
  20. What if my waters break early? 
  21. After my baby is born - what’s good to know 
  22. When a baby dies 
  23. My mental health matters
  24. After my baby is born - the coming weeks and months
  25. What is Our Chance Abbey Clancy introduces the campaign

For a selection of some of the most popular Our Chance video clips, you can find them on the official Best Beginnings YouTube channel.

Alongside the Our Chance website, a digital hub with videos, information, and parents own stories, the campaign ran a Facebook page, YouTube Channel and Twitter account. With Abbey Clancy's support the campaign garnered media considerable media attention with editorial in a wide variety of national and regional print and online publications through the life of the campaign.

Evaluation and Impact of Our Chance

Read here about the evaluation and impact of the Our Chance Campaign