There’s a great moment in film-making when, if you get it just right, you can make yourself invisible while all the action goes on around you. It has really helped me get some lovely footage of dads and babies bonding. 

We're launching an exciting new project about dads bonding with their babies, baby care routines and top tips for new dads. It’s all part of our focus on developing films for dads in the Baby Buddy app. The project took me out to visit several families, filming in their homes, and making trips all across the country. I’ve been filming with Lloyd and baby Kamden (pictured above). And what a joy it was to film with them!  

Working in partnership 

This project is a collaboration which draws on the expertise of Dadvengers. They offer a community space for dads through events, groups, blogs and a very entertaining podcast. It’s been great collaborating with them to devise and produce this new series of baby care films for dads which you'll be able to find in the Baby Buddy app and online. 

Dadvengers found us some great dads in their community. All with great stories to tell! An added bonus for our partnership is Dadvenger's founder Nigel Clarke. He has a background in TV presenting, you may have seen him on CBeebies’ The Baby ClubThis work has given him great insights into the kinds of films that can help dads to find their feet and feel confident looking after their babies. 

We really appreciate this support from Dadvengers and their help with promoting our new Baby Buddy app version, which supports dads through pregnancy and the first year of a baby’s life. 

Bonding with babies: top tips for dads 

On our filming day with Lloyd he proudly showed off his gorgeous 8-month-old twins, Kamden and Laike. Lloyd is clearly loving being a dad and bonding with his babies. He had lots of top tips for other parents, including this one about play. He told us, 

“Enjoy it, encourage it, even if you’re not in the greatest mood, be in the greatest mood for them. Just be someone that’s fun for them. Be a clown, be a jester and don’t care who’s watching because you’re going to have to do it in public at some stage.” *

Lloyd and his babies were complete naturals in front of the camera. I got lots of footage showing the day to day delights of parenting, with giggly babies enjoying their dad’s attention. 

I can’t wait to share these new films. We’ll be launching them soon – watch this space! 

In the meantime dads, mums and co-parents can access a whole range of fantastic films, articles and support via the Baby Buddy app which is free, advert free and checked by experts. 

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*Disclaimer - This is a quote from dad Lloyd in the context of bonding with your baby. We appreciate that it might not be easy for everyone to feel in the greatest mood all the time, especially if you're feeling low. If you do find you are struggling with your mental health as a dad or dad-to-be, our Baby Buddy app offers a free emotional support service whenever you need it in partnership with Shout.