At Best Beginnings we believe in the power of collaboration. We strive to ensure our resources are up to date, accurate, accessible, useful and interesting. 

Developing new resources: The Advisory Panels

When we create new resources we start by forming an Advisory Panel. This panel is made up of specialists in that area and parents with lived experience. The Advisory Panels shape and inform content and often appear in our videos. 

Ensuring the accuracy and safety of the resources: The Editorial Board 

Once Best Beginnings has created the resources with the Advisory Panel they are presented to the Best Beginnings' Editorial Board. The Editorial Board is made up of representatives from the Department of Health, many of the Royal Colleges and other organisations. The resources may go through several iterations, be removed entirely or more information may be developed. Once all representatives have approved the content, in line with their organisations, the resources move to the next stage of development, our Parent Panel.

Delivering accessible and engaging resources: The Parent Panel

The accessibility of our resources is imperative. The Best Beginnings' Parent Panel is made up of parents and parents-to-be around the country who review and feedback on the new resources. The Parent Panel members help us to reach even more families by ensuring that our resources are engaging, accessible, and useful. 

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