A Hello Baby! party is Best Beginnings version of a baby shower.

Throwing a Hello Baby! party is an extra special way to celebrate the imminent arrival of a new baby whilst supporting babies across the UK.

Your Hello Baby! party can be whatever you like; the only difference is that you ask your guests to make a special donation to support Best Beginnings work to give every baby the best start in life.  This can be as an alternative or in addition to the usual gifts your guests will shower you with. Whatever you decide this will add an extra special element to this very special occasion.

By choosing to throw a Hello Baby! party you and your guests will be giving the very best beginning to families and their children across the UK.

You could make things really easy by setting up a fundraising page - visit our appeals page, choose which one you would like to support, and fill in the 'fundraise' form.

If you choose support the work of Best Beginnings please let us know - we would like to say thank you, and also see if we can support you in any way.