Best Beginnings offers a fully bespoke 'embedding and training' programme in which we work with local areas to uncover their specific needs and then co-create and deliver a plan to incorporate our quality-assured multi-award winning pregnancy and parenting intervention, our Baby Buddy app, into the standard care that families receive. In practice this means that Baby Buddy effectively becomes part of "business-as-usual".

By undertaking 'embedding and training' with local authority areas, CCGS, Trusts and other agencies, we train health care professionals and community workers to support the effective use and understanding of our resources so parents and their children can have the best start in life together.

Baby Buddy has been scientifically designed to motivate and empower all parents to look after their own and their baby's physical and mental wellbeing.

Baby Buddy is used as a tool to support the parent-practitioner partnership and make "Every Contact Count". With more than 500 answers to frequently asked questions, signposts to support and 300 videos of parents sharing their own stories and professionals giving advice, Baby Buddy can be used in appointments/sessions to communicate across a range of issues.

Baby Buddy fun yet functional features, such as "Bump/Baby Book" helps make tracking progress easy and helps with bonding and attuning parents to their baby's needs. Parents can share progress with practitioners at appointments. Baby Buddy also helps parents remember questions they wish to discuss at their appointments. The "Daily Information" feature means that everyday Baby Buddy automatically sends parents personalised, relevant, digestible bite-sized chunks information to absorb knowledge and develop confidence without any conscious effort.

Where Baby Buddy is having the greatest impact is in localities where we have been commissioned to integrate Baby Buddy into local care pathways. Read here about Baby Buddy impact.

Funded by Comic ReliefWe are currently working in 22 areas across the UK, including our two newest sites funded by Comic Relief.

Continuing Professional Development Certification ServiceBest Beginnings is a member of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Certification Service, which is the leading independent CPD accreditation institution operating across industry sectors to complement the Continuing Professional Development policies of professional institutes and academic bodies.

How can Baby Buddy be used in service delivery to enhance capacity of professionals & community?