Evidence-based resources

Our innovative and evidence-based digital and non digital resources, our Baby Buddy app and our Baby Express magazine series, are created in partnership with professionals, academics and parents. In this way we are able to guarantee the validity, credibility and accessibility of our resources. We are also able to honour our commitment to truly addressing the needs of families from a range of different backgrounds.

The content in our multi-award-winning interactive pregnancy and early stage parenting app, Baby Buddy, was created, and continues to be reviewed and further developed, with input from parents, in our Parent Panel and experts in our Editorial Board throughout our rigorous quality-assurance process. 

Content may go through several iterations, more information may be developed - or may be removed entirely - throughout the approval process.  Once all representatives in the Editorial Board have agreed the content, the content and/or resources move onto the next approval stage, our Parent Panel. The Parent Panel is made up of parents and parents-to-be around the country who review and feedback on whether content is tonally appropriate, sufficiently engaging, easy to understand and useful. The Parent Panel is an important step to ensure that we are able to meaningfully and positively impact the lives of Baby Buddy app users.

The accessibility of our resources is imperative. We distill complex scientific and medical information into easily digestible bite-sized chunks, through the friendly, inclusive and nurturing voice of Baby Buddy.  The literacy entry level is age eleven.  

Working Collaboratively

Our resources are endorsed by Royal Colleges and other professional bodies and have been distributed and promoted throughout the NHS and Local Authorities. Collaboration is key to maximising impact while keeping costs to a minimum. Best Beginnings is ahead of the game and aligns with views expressed by Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care:

"The opportunities of new technology, done right across the whole of health and social care, are vast. Let’s work together to seize them.”