The childbearing years are a demanding period in a woman’s life. Mothers still seem to fare poorly in comparison with women who do not have a dependent child, indicating inadequate policies to support women’s continued employment post childbirth. 

This literature review highlights the varied experiences of working women in the context of pregnancy, motherhood, pregnancy loss, infertility, or other reproductive issues. 

This Literature Review covers the following categories: 

Psychological & cognitive experiences 

  •     Work-family conflict  
  •     Mental health issues, depression and anxiety  
  •     Grief 
  •     Employment during Covid-19 

Organisational Experiences 

  •     Non-disclosure 
  •     Leave 
  •     Working hours / shift work  
  •     Workplace environment  
  •     Physical labour 
  •     Breastfeeding support  
  •     Career progression and recognition  
  •     Discrimination and harassment 

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