The Newham Show 2019

Newham Residents were abuzz last week end at the annual Mayors Show. Young people and their families were treated to a plethora of activities and taster sessions aimed at promoting active citizenship and healthy living. Read more

Reflections from our new Project Coordinator, Sheba

Our new Project Coordinator, Sheba, shares what she got up to this week! Read more

New mothers desperately need more support by Clare Floges - Our response

Our response to Clare Foges article in the Times. We applaud that health leadership is waking up to the brewing crisis and recognises the need for creative and new approaches to resolving them with a focus on the critical early years, including the use of cost effective, digital solutions. Read more

What should I do if I'm always stressed when I'm pregnant?

It would be surprising if you didn't feel stressed sometimes when you're pregnant. After all, it's a massive life-changing event and you are being asked to make lots of big decisions. Read more here. Read more

Baby Buddy Cyprus enters its production phase

The version of Baby Buddy for Cyprus and Greece has entered the production phase and the test platform will be ready in early June. In the meantime, we enjoyed a three-day visit from our European partners in early January during which time we shared the insights regarding our process: from co-creation and development to dissemination. It wasn’t all hard work though. Read more

Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin lead the way with Baby Buddy uptake

The first Local Maternity System (LMS) to embed Baby Buddy appinto practice is having outstanding success across the two local authorities that it represents. Learn more here. Read more

If my baby's hungry after a breastfeed does it mean I haven't got enough milk?

A lot of parents worry that their baby may not be getting enough milk. But as long as your baby is weeing and pooing often, and gaining weight, then you don't need to worry. Learn more here. Read more

The Early Years Digital Partnership – a model for social change

This Partnership represents genuine collaboration and shares a set of common values and includes the full spectrum of organisations across the sector - charities, clinicians, professional organisations (Royal Colleges) academics and the relevant statutory bodies. Learn more here. Read more

How do I increase my milk supply when I'm breastfeeding?

You can increase your milk supply by taking more milk out of your breasts - that could be by giving my baby extra feeds or expressing milk after a feed. Learn more here. Read more

What is the let down reflex?

When you breastfeed your baby, his sucking at your breast triggers a feel-good hormone that signals for your milk to be released. This is the let down reflex. Learn more tips about breastfeeding here. Read more

NHS England Conference 2019 'Empowering people in a digital world'

The conference brought together people who are passionate about the power of digital tools, products and services in transforming how people manage their health and care, and have a more personalised care experience. As Best Beginnings harnesses the power of digital to empower parents, our CEO and Founder, Alison Baum, was one of the speakers presenting about our Baby Buddy app. Read more

What is milk "coming in"?

For the first few days after birth your breasts make colostrum (thick and yellow, like a banana milkshake) for your baby. Then your regular milk arrives in your breasts - this is called your milk "coming in". Learn more about what you can do to help if your breasts feel sore when your milks comes in. Read more